Golden Drought was a CTW map created by Reshif. It is the first in the series of Golden Drought maps.

Overview Edit

Take the wool from the enemy wool rooms and place it on your victory monument while defending your own wool.

Golden Drought consists of several sandstone islands floating above the void. The


An overhead view of the map.

goal is two capture both of the enemy team's wool and place them on your victory monument. Each team's wool room is located behind their spawn. Players who successfully manage to infiltrate the wool room will receive harmful splash potions, iron armor, and a power I bow.

Players spawn with a stone sword, an infinity bow, an efficiency iron pickaxe, a stack of birch wood planks, a stack of sandstone, half a stack of cooked chickens, 4 cobwebs, 2 golden apples, and a water bucket. Armor must be crafted using the gold blocks located below the spawn. Redstone supplies are also available diagonal from the spawn.

Ratings Edit

Average Rating (All Version): 3.62/5

62720 Total Votes
1 10420
2 4710
3 11504
4 11818
5 27268

Other Notes Edit

Preceded By Map Series Succeeded By
None Golden Drought Golden Drought II
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